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Heard This First is an online music portal specializing in publishing music artists, artist interviews, music news, and music reviews on various genres of music. Our bloggers are a diverse group of music industry professionals and genuinely love music. We promote and strive to help all artists, mainly independent artists of different genres and new artists on the block. 

With an audience ranging from Models, DJs, Producers, Record Label owners, Singers, Rappers, and Music Fans, Heard This First plays an important role in the music industry and is here for everyone who loves music or trying to make a career out of it. With all due respect, the other sites that exist in the world haven't given the low-budget artists space on their platforms. Over 10 years ago, Ms. Carmen-Owner of Platinum Voice PR- decided to design a site along with social media accounts to give all artists a platform with minimum requirements. Heard This First are supporters and fans of all talented artists who love making music and gaining new fans from our platform. 
Artists that follow @HEARDTHISFIRST on Twitter are required to place #heardthisfirst on their profile and their music would be posted at no charge.
Presently, there are several options for the artists to appear on other platforms such as This is Platinum Hip-HopPlatinum Indies, and Platinum Promo

Thanks for visiting, and don't forget to subscribe to remain in tune with everything music!

Reach out to Ms. Carmen aka @PlatinumVoicePR on Twitter for more details.

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