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Wednesday, February 13, 2019


ESP EVOLUTION keep the new singles leading with 'THE WEEKEND'

  ESP Evolution offers a song of pure celebration on the free-spirited “The Weekend”. An absolute joy of a track- ESP Evolution neatly brings together funk, soul, and jazz into a satisfyingly cohesive whole.

Overdose and The Lady Capri, have come together with the sole mission of saving the world from the monotony of manufactured sound! ESP EVOLUTION creates music that will evolve your musical taste buds and make you groove outside the box. Overdose, who has produced for artists such as Tank, Aaliyah, E40, and Fat Joe among others, formed ESP EVOLUTION with The Lady Capri in 2010. Overdose and The Lady Capri now create music together with the sole mission of uniting people through music.

The album is right at the very heart of it. It is a carpe diem attitude one that nicely fits into the playful lyricism. Going for a lush sound the melodies glimmer with such color. Layer upon layer of sound filters into the mix with not a single moment wasted. Vocals have a silky smoothness to them further emphasizing this sunny cheery realm. Tremendous textures interact in a wide variety of ways ensuring that the track swirls about in a way that feels so vital and so real. 

The single has carefully selected keys to introduce the piece. From this shining beginning, the groove gradually builds up. Upon the inclusion of the vocals into the mix things truly get started. Letting the entirety of the piece seemingly float on by the entire track at times recalls the Neo Funk of groups like Jamiroquai. Similarly, the clear-eyed determination of the track to simply gravitate towards a sense of togetherness. Going for a careful, yet thoughtful, buildup the way that the track peaks in a way that feels so perfect. For the final stretch of the piece, ESP Evolution lets it all hang loose, allowing for an ever-growing sense of pure happiness.

With “The Weekend,” ESP Evolution crafts a luxurious rich world one full of unbridled optimism. Don't forget to connect with ESP Evolution on all social networks. The album is available on all digital music platforms. Now press play and enjoy some good music.


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