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Friday, February 24, 2023

[EP] D'Shaun (@RylDShaun) & Benji - MDNGHT


D'Shaun - MDNGHT

MDNGHT is a 4 track EP brought to listeners by San Antonio's D'Shaun and fellow collaborator, Benji. Texas and Austria connect respectively to bring the 4 piece to your music libraries, filled with nothing but bangers that simultaneously bring smooth vibes along with them. With Benji on the boards, D'Shaun is able to place his full attention to his raps along with mixing and mastering the EP, making sure the project is spicy yet sweet at the same time. DeShaun Jay is the lone feature on the outro "God"s Gift" as both D'Shaun and Jay continue to raise their number of collaborations with one another.

When asked about his and Benji's relationship, D'Shaun says "I'm pretty sure we met through Instagram a few years back. He is a great producer but even a better dude to just chop it up with, he's just a real cool dude". It's not just "business" between both artists when it comes to collaborating, it's more of a mutual friendship between two people who happen to be creatives. That relationship makes their art shine even more due to knowing one another on a personal level even if it's through social media.

"We wanted to see what a whole EP done by us would sound like after he produced some songs on SD2. Even before then, we both agreed to make something spacey and wavy together, Benji really likes spacey sounds". MDNGHT stays true to that statement as each track makes you feel like you are floating in the sky, racing through clouds on your own flying nimbus while the project play's through your headphones.

Hit play on the new EP from both D'Shaun and Benji below, and don't forget to keep an eye out for CRWN, an upcoming album by the San Antonio native.

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