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Monday, July 10, 2023

Marvi: Getting to Know the “In My Head” Singer


Marvi (Marvellous Lydia Aigbedion) (age 19) is a British singer, actress, model, writer, and songwriter. Born and raised in London, the United Kingdom, Marvellous began singing at age 4. In 2019, she gained her first media attention when she released a book called “Blink," followed by her first ever song “Seeking Heaven," on Spotify, YouTube, and more, subsequently released independently. "Seeking Heaven" was written by her. She performed at venues like the “Pop Box Brixton” where she collaborated with other local artists on performances and live shows. 


Marvellous' debut single, "Seeking Heaven (2019)", reached number 1 in the South African (R&B/Soul) Google Play charts, number 4 in the Pop charts, and 25 in all genres in the Google Play charts for 2019 (late December). 

Additionally, Marvellous made the “Top 13” with the song "In My Head" on two local pulse Spotify charts for 14 days starting April 21st, 2022. As well as this, Marvellous has also written articles for magazines such as Upmag and is currently writing screenplays for production companies. She has also modeled for companies such as Nike, Apple, NYC, and more. Marvellous has participated in acting projects including BBC roles in “Me and My Jerms, James,” and more.

 Connect with Marvi on Instagram: @thisismarvi

Connect with Marvi on Spotify!


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