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Friday, February 23, 2024

Banknote Mitch and M.A.C. K.i.l.l.a. - "Fresh" Ft. Snoop Dogg | @49thLaw__

Banknote Mitch and M.A.C. K.i.l.l.a.

Banknote Mitch and M.A.C. K.i.l.l.a. team up with Snoop Dogg on their new single, “Fresh” 

M.a.c K.i.l.l.a. and Banknote Mitch,  North Carolina recording artists stream the surprise release “Fresh” featuring the original gangster himself, Snoop Dogg. This standout collaboration is a melodic, rap-based journey from North Carolina to California. Their verses are woven into a tapestry of West Coast homage and down south tribute. Their styles are unmatched as they lyrically represent their respective places on the map without missing a beat. This single screams "fresh" in more ways than one and while often imitated, can never be duplicated. 

Mitchell "Banknote Mitch" Similton and George "M.a.c. K.i.l.l.a." Hester are Carolina natives and veteran emcees. Mitchell "Banknote Mitch" Similton’s independent record label, Black Array Entertainment; has aligned with industry giants such as G-Unit, Roc Nation, and Shady Records. Mitchell's "Accession To The Throne" album is globally recognized as one of hip-hop's most pivotal projects. It garnered viral notoriety within hours of its release and continues to become more classic as time goes on. 

In 2015, George "M.A.C. K.i.l.l.a." Hester was the first artist signed to Black Array Entertainment in 2015. His melodic lyricism and complex writing style dubbed "the pause" allowed him to carve out his independent entity known as Hestar Worldwide. The duo have ingrained themselves into many aspects of music and community. They also address more than music by working with state and local government to combat everyday issues faced by common people. Their music and message can be felt through many platforms. Upon collaborating on this latest single "Fresh" with Snoop Dogg, they have broken another barrier in the proverbial struggle for unity and peace from the East Coast to the West Coast. Hoping that more and more art can blossom from this project.

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