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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

[Video] Mobby Rosas - "Up To Sum" f/ Westside Boogie + "The 4th Step" (Album)

The track “up to sum” is one of my favorite stories of how a collaboration came about. WESTSIDE BOOGIE had posted an open verse challenge for his song “Mood” on instagram and I picked it up. I’ve done a few open verse challenges before, to no favorable outcome other than just posting more content. I didn’t think much would come of this verse entry. I recorded my video audition for the song while at work, I was a server at a hotel restaurant in downtown LA, in uniform and all. I posted it and tagged WS Boogie and to my surprise, he DM’d me saying that he thought my verse was hard and if I ever wanted him on a project, he was down. I remember reading the message at work and being in shock. I had wanted to work with WS Boogie for years and had even tried to reach out in the past, to no response. I immediately hopped on the opportunity to.

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