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Thursday, June 16, 2022

STEPNEX releases “No Limit To Love” under the label Millennium Kollektiv


STEPNEX's "No Limit To Love" is a unique House Music track inspired by the Love of Music  

Adding a refreshing and refined song to the music industry, STEPNEX is geared up for the release of "No Limit To Love." This new single is going to make hits in the music world with its trendy vocals and upbeat tunes. The beat drop style used in this single makes it a creative choice for the DJs. The song aims to spread joy and happiness with its techno and melodic appeal. "No Limit To Love" is going to be released on July 8th, 2022.

STEPNEX is a producer duo hailing out of Bangladesh. The artist STEPNEX does not hesitate to experiment with different genres and styles of music. The Duo produces electro, techno, house, and other similar trendy music. With the latest single, "No Limit To Love," STEPNEX aims to achieve fame and popularity internationally. The songs made by the two Producers are loved by fans globally since they are enjoyable and create happy vibes.


"No Limit To Love" is being released by Millennium Kollektiv - an independent record label founded in 2020 in Geseke, Germany. This record label specializes in electronic dance and House music. The label releases the music of its clients on digital and physical media. The collaboration of STEPNEX and Millennium Kollektiv is going to prove beneficial for both. Under the music label and brand name of Millennium Kollektiv, STEPNEX will achieve well-deserved fame and reach a global audience.

While talking about the latest song, No Limit To Love, STEPNEX said: “We are excited to bring the latest song, "No Limit To Love." This latest single will capture the hearts of its listeners with its trendy and upbeat nature. Our aim is to produce such music and songs that help people escape reality and zone into another realm. We are eager to keep on making new songs of a similar nature for our fans; that’s what keeps us motivated.

STEPNEX is composed of two childhood friends that share similar musical tastes. Music has always been a wonderful companion for them. That's what inspired them to produce electronic music and explore the treasure behind it. The latest single "No Limit To Love" will be available on a number of digital platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, and much more. Be sure to connect with STEPNEX on all social media and digital music platforms.






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